Available button functions with Windows XP Pro/Home driver

None – button does nothing when clicked.
Left Button – left or normal click.
Right Button – right click.
Wheel/Middle Button – middle click for some programs, particularly CAD programs.
Alt – keyboard Alt
Auto-Pan – click and drag the mouse to scroll or pan in any direction.
Back – go back one page or folder in browsers.
Backspace – keyboard backspace.
Close – close program or window.
Copy – keyboard Ctrl C to copy.
Ctrl – keyboard Ctrl.
Cut – keyboard Ctrl X to cut.
Double Click – click once to perform double click.
Drag Scroll – press and hold the button, and drag the mouse to scroll vertically.
Enter – keyboard Enter.
Esc – keyboard Esc.
Explorer – Open Windows Explorer to browse folders.
F1 – keyboard F1, brings up help in most programs.
F2 – keyboard F2
F3 – keyboard F3
F4 – keyboard F4
F5 – keyboard F5, refreshes view in most programs.
F6 – keyboard F6
F7 – keyboard F7
F8 – keyboard F8
F9 – keyboard F9
F10 – keyboard F10
F11 – keyboard F11
F12 – keyboard F12
Forward – go forward one page or folder in browser.
Key Stroke Recording – records and plays back keyboard keystrokes.
Launch Application – starts a selected program.
Maximize – maximizes window.
Minimize – minimizes window.
Page Down – keyboard page down.
Page Up – keyboard page up.
Paste – keyboard Ctrl V to paste.
Pointer Speed Toggle – toggles among up to 3 sets of pointer speeds.
Print Screen – keyboard Prt Sc to copy screen image to clipboard.
Run – opens Run function in Start menu.
Shift – keyboard shift.
Show/Hide Desktop – show open windows or minimize all windows.
Spacebar – keyboard spacebar.
Start – opens Start menu.
Switch Applications – brings next open program to the front.
Tab – keyboard tab.
Undo – keyboard Ctrl Z to undo.
Zoom – click and drag the mouse to zoom images.