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Exact quotes from unsolicited user emails about the Evoluent VerticalMouse series. Published with permission.

The vertical mouse received very good feedback from the product testing. Our product testing team of physical therapists, ergonomists, MD’s and administrators found the mouse to be comfortable, easily adaptable and promoted a neutral wrist/forearm postures.Greg RyanUniversity Health Services, University of California at Berkeley

Greg Ryan

Our employee will be out on leave until we get a replacement mouse” “our user has pretty severe tendonitis, regular mice only exacerbate the problem – your mouse seems to have helped her a lot.Kara CampbellCare Coordination Analyst

Kara Campbell

I’ve had a Vertical Mouse 2 for a good while now and I absolutely love it. Using the Mouse has made a very significant difference in my ability to keep working at my computer without pain.Martin LeamonMD

Martin Leamon

Dr. Alan Bean writing you back after a month of using the Vertical Mouse 2. Thanks for sending me the trial unit to evaluate. I will explain my impressions from a medical perspective. If you have any questions, please just ask. Like all pointing devices, it takes a little adjustment time to get used to the tracking speed of the pointer. However, the feel of the device in my hand is exactly what I had hoped it would be like. My proximal forearm tightness has disappeared completely. I had lateral epicondylitis (“tennis elbow”) a few years ago and this mouse completely eliminates the stress on the common extensor tendon origin by taking the forearm out of the palm-down position. I previously also had some discomfort at the ulnar aspect of my wrist from a prior traumatic TFCC tear. This pain has fully resolved, as well. This has been a somewhat unexpected and very pleasant surprise. The tracking is very smooth. Almost too smooth — at first use. I initially would have preferred a bit more weight/resistance to the unit’s movement, but after some experience with it, I now appreciate the very light touch as another aspect of the unit’s function that yields less fatiguing use over extended time.” “I have already begun to heartily recommend the use of the Vertical Mouse 2 to my Occupational Medicine colleagues and to my patients with specific elbow/forearm/wrist conditions. I fully expect positive results and will be tracking the medical outcomes over the coming months. Congratulations on developing a great product.Alan C. BeanMD

Alan C. Bean

Stupid looking mouse, and feels so dumb in my hands. Why didn’t they just tape a standard mouse to a can of Coke? I forced myself to use it, I know everyone was laughing at my awkwardly shaped mouse and judging me for having it. Now that I’ve used it for a week and my wrist doesn’t hurt nearly as bad any more-I like it. Beauty isn’t only skin (or plastic with bits of metal and rubber) deep.Eric


I wish to emphasize that I love this mouse. LOVE IT. I spend a lot of time on the computer every day, and I was suffering from terrible pain in my mouse hand and arm. Even when I was away from the computer I was in pain. I woke up in the morning after a full night’s sleep and I had pain before I even started to push the mouse around. I was in the habit of switching the mouse from the right to the left side, and I tried many different devices and wrist braces and nothing brought relief. I know several people who had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, and you know what? Sometimes the surgery helps, sometimes it doesn’t. In any case, the problem often comes back even after surgery. That’s what I’ve been told. I tried your mouse, and got relief almost immediately. As time went by, I actually healed. The pain went away completely. I can do my work, and play computer games for hours if I want to, and there’s no mouse pain at all, even after a long day. So, VM saved me from the pain, scars and inconvenience of surgery. Thank you for your wonderful mouse.Laura GoodWin Kabel

Laura GoodWin Kabel

I have used this mouse since the first ones were offered for sale. I by now have owned several. It is dirt cheap considering how much pain and anguish it has saved me. I use a computer for hours each day, for work and fun, and the conventional mice were causing me pain. It got to the point where my hand and wrist would still hurt even after a full night’s rest! A few minutes using a conventional mouse became torture, even if I took a few days off. I feared I would need surgery to correct the problem, or that a complete lifestyle change would be needed. I tried the Evoluent Vertical Mouse in desperation, and was astounded at how much relief it brought me immediately. I instantly could use my computer normally again, and over time my painful condition corrected itself and was healed. I now can comfortably work and play for hours, with no fatigue. I learned how to use it almost instantly. It’s not in any way complicated. Programming the buttons and getting used to the set-up is the only thing that might take you a minute or two. I have tried other ergo mice, and they are all in one way or another inferior. This is a high-quality device, and it is very stylish looking, too. For those who say this mouse is not good for small hands, I must retort that I have very small hands and use mine very happily. I prefer the corded version. There is a wireless, and a left-hand model, too. My one complaint: for a long time there were no 64 bit Windows drivers. I got used to the programmable buttons while using XP 32 bit, but when I upgraded to Windows 7 64, I had to use it as a two-button mouse. THIS IS WHY I tried some of the other ergo mice. I am back to using my Evoluent Vertical mouse because it truly is the best one, even as a two-button mouse. BTW I also use it as a two-button mouse in Linux, with no problems. Thank goodness 64 bit drivers are now available! The buttons are easy to press and are quiet, the scroll wheel clicks audibly but it’s very quiet. I can rest my entire hand on it with no dragging, and the feet on the bottom make it glide smoothly. It’s very precise. Idon’t know how other people define “gaming mouse”, but for me this is the perfect gaming mouse, since I can’t play without it. If your long hours of gaming are causing you pain, skip the other “gaming mice” since none of them are truly ergonomic. My hand hurts just looking at some of them. Just get this one and play the way you are used to: it’s a true game changer because you won’t tire so quickly and you will enjoy yourself more.Laura Goodwin Kabel(second review)

Laura Goodwin Kabel

I have been using the Evoluent vertical mouse for over two years. I manage an office ergonomics program and deployed the mouse to many users who experiencing various levels of wrist pain from mouse/keyboard use. In every case, the user quickly adapted to the design and reported improved comfort when using the Evoluent mouse. I am a huge fan and believer in your mouse…Great design! I just got my mouse-friendly keyboard today. The layout is different, but I am quickly adapting. It appears to be another great idea. BTW: all of the hardware seems to be of the highest quality. No reported failures in over 2 years of use. Requests: I have just moved to our corporate headquarters and would like to make it easier for our employees to obtain the mouse. Here’s how it worked at my previous location: I kept a stock of 4-6 new Evoluent mice in an “Ergonomics lending library”. When an evaluation revealed the need for a better mouse, I would let the user try a new Evoluent. In 1-2 weeks an ergonomics team member would check back with the user. In every case the user was feeling better and wanted an Evoluent permanently.” “Everyone loves the mouseScott BranstetterEnvironmental Health and Safety Manager

Scott Branstetter

I am a Senior Ergonomist and Director of a consultancy specializing in remedial task design for workers suffering with work-related musculoskeletal disorders. I have specified and recommended the Evoluent many times since ‘discovering’ it and have had great success with your mouse in reducing discomfort for mouse users with work-related shoulder, neck and upper-limb disorders. Our own staff also use the mouse extensively and have noted improved comfort. The button action is lighter than comparable devices, so that clicking requires little effort. The mouse is very light in weight and tracks very accurately, so that there are minimal ‘corrective’ movements required of the user.Robert StuthridgeSenior Ergonomist

Robert Stuthridge

I just got my vertical mouse today and have been using it for an hour, and wow! what a difference. I had been doing a lot of writing on my laptop and have had a nagging pain in my forearm. I soon realized it was from the awkward position of my hand on the touch pad. Within minutes of using the vertical mouse, I felt immediate relief. The design of the mouse puts the forearm in a completely neutral position – the forearm and hand feel as if they are not even connected to your body. I will strongly recommend this to my associates.Peter PolackMD

Peter Polack

As an ergonomist, I had a hard time admitting I was having pain in my right elbow and right shoulder. This only existed when I spent full days at the computer, and I thought I could easily see the root cause of my problem. I switched my mouse to my left, non-dominant hand and the problems still slightly existed. I knew I had to take it a step further. Based on feedback from my co-workers at Humantech using the Evoluent mouse, I decided to give it a try. Initially, it does take some getting used to (as with any new change, correct?). However, I can honestly say that I love it and it has eliminated the discomfort and pain I was having while working at my desk. And yes, I purchased the left-handed Evoluent mouse.Heather RitzCertified Professional Ergonomist

Heather Ritz

I have to let you know that this new version of the mouse is one of the best devices I have seen in quite a while. It promotes a midrange forearm and relaxed hand position, and the light touch of the buttons makes it very easy to operate. Unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t require a significant pinch grip to activate the click functionality. I have recommended it to several clients, and it has been received favorably.Dan ShaferErgonomics Consultant

Dan Shafer

I just recently got to use the keyboard and mouse myself. I’ve probably recommended the keyboard to about 7 or more clients in the past 2 weeks. I’ve also recommended the mouse 2 or 3 times recently. This will continue since I do 5 or more office evaluations a week. I posted a review on CNET and attached the link for you. I will try to get some other reviews posted in the future. I read your story on the back of the box and I wanted to say “Way to go!!!”. I’m glad you did not give up because I think your products have made a difference in reducing discomfort related to computer usage.Many WakefieldRegistered Occupational Therapist

Many Wakefield

I just wanted to say thank you. most of my job is using the mouse and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Every mouse I try would cause me to flare up. My employer got the Evoluent vertical mouse 3 and it saved me. I am so comfortable now. You are wonderful!!!Heather Rivera JDRN

Heather Rivera JD

In my day-to-day life, I am the bearer of far too many clicks be it on the keyboard or on the mouse, at work or at home. Everything is a click a way these days. Yes, truly so, just ask my fingers and specially, my right hand thumb how years of fast and easy clicking also mean pain and in my case, injury. I started using the magnificent Evoluent mouse and keyboard after going through a thumb surgery and since then they have made all the difference that counts for me. The mouse is easy to hold and maneuver and doesn’t put undue pressure on my thumb and wrist. The keyboard is just the right size and very practical with futuristic functions. Truly, a technological artwork adding comfort and functionality to my clicking life.Natalie Shaheen

Natalie Shaheen

I use a mouse continuously for work. Grasping a standard mouse, I was experiencing extreme cramping in my hand and painful swelling in the joints of my fingers which was having a serious impact on my ability to work. After careful research of ergonomic devices and surveying multiple sites’ user reviews, I decided on the Evoluent 4 wireless model. Although it took a couple of days to get used to it, there was no more cramping in my hand and the swelling in my joints starting to improve within a week or two. I recently had use a “standard” mouse and the cramping and pain returned within just a few minutes — I could not wait to get back to my Evoluent mouse. I highly recommend this product!!Elaine(last name withheld)


I received the small wireless mouse yesterday. What a GREAT invention Thank you for doing all the work to manifest this in the physical universe. I deeply appreciate using it. Your invention has saved me from crippling neck and upper back pain. As a design engineer my work revolves around using the computer a lot. I was even think that I may have to quit because of the pain I was experiencing. You are welcome to use my comments in your advertising if it would help one other person find relief like I have.Larry Dixon

Larry Dixon

I love the Evoluent Vertical Mouse and have used it since 2003. Because I am an ambidextrous mouser, I am a proud owner of four vertical mice. Yes, four! Two right hand (one at home and one at work) and two left hand (one at home and one at work), After nine hand surgeries due to computer-related repetitive strain injuries, I will not use any other brand of mouse. Even when I travel with my computer, the Vertical Mouse gets packed in my laptop case and used on the road. I am a very vocal advocate of computer ergonomics in general, and the Evoluent Vertical mouse in particular and have “sold” more than a dozen mice to date. I loan a mouse to people to try and they usually end up buying it after a test drive. In fact, my orthopedic surgeon was so impressed with the Vertical Mouse after seeing one of my “loaner” mice, that he now recommends the Evoluent Vertical Mouse to all his RSI patients. When I saw the new, smaller vertical mouse on your website, I immediately ordered one. The minute I unwrapped the mouse, I was in “mouse love” and had to try it out. Finally, the vertical mouse is correctly sized for my hand; no more stretching and straining to wrap my hands around the mouse!! Please consider making a left hand version of the smaller mouse. I and my credit card are waiting to purchase a leftie model. Keep improving a great product.Ann Moss

Ann Moss

I have been programming for over 15 years and developed pain in my wrists and arms a little over a year ago. I tried all types of mice, trackballs, tablets, and therapy to relieve the pain but none of them help and I thought my career was over. I pain staking surf the net looking for a solution trying everything I could find and that was when I found the ‘Evoluent VerticalMouse’. No other product came close to reducing the strain and pain in my wrists and arms as the ‘Evoluent VerticalMouse’. The ‘Evoluent VerticalMouse’ is simply an outstanding product.” “If it was not for the Evoluent mouse I would be out of work. I simply did not want potential employers searching on my name to find my comments. Thanks for developing such a great product and especially for the release of the latest edition, since I could only use first edition until now with the return of the deep thumb indentation.” “I am so very thankful for the Evoluent vertical mouse. I have tried every other product out there and only the Evoluent mouse enabled me to continue to work. Thanks for following your dream which allowed me to follow mine.Name withheld

Name withheld

I’m a technical writer, so I spend a lot of time learning how different computer programs work and then writing instructions for users. A few years ago I started having pains in my arm, and at first I just shrugged it off. It kept getting worse and worse though, to the point that if I used a normal mouse for more than 30 seconds I got severe pains in my arm. I bought an ergonomic keyboard for hundreds of dollars, thinking maybe that my keyboard was the problem, but it didn’t get any better. Finally I found the Evoluent website and bought the Evoluent 3 mouse. Imagine my surprise after years of pain when there was absolutely zero pain using the Evoluent mouse! This is by far the best computer product I’ve ever purchased, and without it I would’ve had to go into an entirely different career.JD


I rarely review products on line. But I want to add my accolades for your product to your reviews. I am a business analyst for a large manufacturing company. About 3 years I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. Over time I developed excruciating pain in my left wrist (I left mouse) as the RA inflammation caused me to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Neither rest nor anti-inflammatories relieved the pain. Since purchasing the Evoluent mouse some months ago, the pain has totally disappeared. I whole-heartedly recommend your product to anyone who mentions having wrist pain as a result of computer use. Thanks again for developing a product that has saved my professional life.Tracie Salmon

Tracie Salmon

Your mouse has relieved pain from 3 people in our office. My problem was pain in my first finger from clicking the left button on a regular mouse (pain is now gone). Second was a lady that was receiving therapy (which did nothing for her) for elbow pain which is now gone as well. The third was a wrist problem (carpal maybe) and he is now pain free.Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

I have spread the word here at work about how well it has worked. My chiropractor was impressed as well and told his patients suffering similar pain to give it a try. I am a software engineer spending most of my work day at the computer. My forearm pain had become so severe that I could not lift anything over 10 pounds with my right arm. My chiropractic adjustments helped for a few weeks, but even continued treatments did not help over time. He even recommended a visit to an orthopedic doctor. It was about that time I started with your vertical mouse. It took about a week to notice some improvement, but within a month, it had completely resolved. I no longer need any treatments for my forearm.Ellen Jones

Ellen Jones

I was one of your first customers and continue to use the Vertical Mouse. In fact, more and more of my staff have begun using the Vertical Mouse and remark how much better and more comfortable it is to use and works with less stress and strain. One of our medical group commitments is to injury prevention and we periodically teach classes on how to prevent upper extremity repetitive stress injuries. While there is not a lot of good information demonstrating that one mouse or keyboard versus another is better at preventing upper extremity repetitive stress injuries, I would advocate the Vertical Mouse over any other mouse on the market. The principle theoretically appears correct and in practical use those members of my staff that use the Vertical Mouse and me find ourselves having fewer problems. We will continue to use the Vertical Mouse. In fact I am going to purchase several more to keep in reserve to provide to more of my staff as their traditional mouse fail.Elliot Kaye

Elliot Kaye

I was very pleased with your great customer service and understanding of my problem; and to have received a VerticalMouse 3 Rev 2 in exchange for my defective VerticalMouse 2. Even more so, I was truly honored to have received a personal response from, you, the inventor or the product. The Evoluent Story on the packaging of the new VericalMouse 3 is absolutely amazing. I am glad that you had the courage to manufacture and distribute the product yourself. It is gaining much attention and popularity on its own day by day. The unique design captures people’s attention, and I take every opportunity to tell others about it. The fact that when I use a regular mouse, and I am in pain within an hour or less, but feel relief when I use the VerticalMouse is enough ‘proof of biomechanical benefits’ to me. I can’t believe Microsoft was so short-sighted, but I’m glad for your sake. I recommended the mouse to someone else in my office that had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, and she feels much more comfortable with her mouse as well. I am a computer consultant, and a licensed real estate professional who deals with investment real estate. As you can imagine, I live most of my life in front of a computer with my hand on the mouse. Although I can use a left-handed mouse, it is not as fluent and natural. The VerticalMouse has made it possible for me to once again go through an entire work day free of pain and discomfort. I have at times evaluated products for my company, so I initially looked at the VerticalMouse with a very critical eye when I was searching for a product that could help me get some relief from my wrist pain. After days of research and evaluating different pointing devices, I have found that the VerticalMouse is the best I have ever seen. The only product similar to the VericalMouse is the AirObic mouse (aka. Quill mouse) which has a hand rest built-in and makes it a “no grip” mouse. With the AirObic mouse, you need to mobilize your whole arm which involves your elbow and shoulder joints. It is also only a 400 DPI mouse. Overall, the AirObic mouse seems like it may help some people, but it lacks the DPI resolution precision, and the hand rest restricts the user from precise movements. Some of the online blogs have even commented on shoulder and elbow discomfort after long term use of it. I believe the VerticalMouse is a superior product because I can leave my whole arm in a resting position at all times, while moving the mouse around with a slight push/pull of the fingers. The high-resolution 1,200 dpi (and now 2600 dpi max on the VerticalMouse 3) enables me to span across my dual-monitors with very little movement (within a diameter of approximately one inch). That means that I do not have to stress the part of my hands that are doing most of the work. Another important point regarding the high resolution, is that I can work with applications that require high precision, such as drawing applications (Corel Draw, AutoCad, etc.), Photoshop, graphic arts, and other high precision applications. Personally, I increase precision by laying my pinky finger on the desk surface as a guide. This would not be possible with the AirObic mouse because of the closed hand rest would prevent me from freely having contact with the desk surface. Furthermore, I do not need to lift my finger off the desk to move across my dual-monitor screens because the high resolution of the VerticalMouse allows me to span across both screens without having to reposition myself. I have compared some of the comments that online articles and bloggers have had about the VericalMouse 2, and I see that you have listened closely and made improvements reflected in the VerticalMouse 3. The clear laminate that covers the silver color protects the lacquerer and makes a more durable surface. The wheel clicks provide good sensory feedback. The cord is still thin and flexible but made more durable. The finger rest finger is non-restricting and makes a nice addition over the previous versions. This mouse seems slightly heavier which is another great improvement. Not too light that you can bump it around, nor to heavy to move. It glides perfectly across the desk or mouse pad surface. I am looking forward to seeing a near future release of a wireless version. I am perfectly happy with a corded version (and for the most part prefer it), but there may be a market for wireless addition to the family. Again, thank you so much not only for your service, but for your contribution to society with such a great product. You have certainly helped my discomforts associated with my many hours of work in front of a computer. I am forever in your debt, and have become your number one fan. Feel free to contact me anytime or solicit me as a reference.David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez

I believe the Evoluent Vertical Mouse should qualify as the “8th Wonder of the World”, and here’s why. After more than 15 years of poor computer use related habits, I developed a severe case of something called De Quervane’s Tendonitis. The main culprit was use of a traditional mouse, which I used to put a “death grip” on with my thumb when doing hours and hours of computer work (especially lengthy graphics and video editing projects). Unfortunately, I did not seek professional medical help early, and the pain kept getting worse by the day until I was forced to see an Orthopedic Surgeon (only because of a non-computer related injury that was so even more painful, I thought I had broken a bone or two in my hand). Fortunately, the Doctor said nothing was broken and prescribed “Occupational Hand Therapy” after diagnosing the main problem. Trust me, you do NOT want De Quervane’s Tendonitis. I had experienced some minor sports related injuries over the years, but nothing compared to the ongoing pain of De Quervane’s Tendonitis even during the first half of my hand therapy experience. It had gotten so bad I could no longer type on a keyboard, hold a pen to write, and ended up in the Occupational Hand Therapy program for about 6 months which cost me thousands of dollars out of pocket medical costs on top of what Blue Cross was willing to pay. I also had to stop working because I could not do paperwork or even use a letter opener to open envelopes, and continued with home therapy exercises for months and months after the formal sessions concluded. During my first appointment, the Occupational Hand Therapist strongly recommended I get an Ergonomic keyboard for when I might be able to resume full use of the computer. I honestly thought I would never be able to use my right hand again for anything the pain was so bad. I could no longer use my primary hand for even menial tasks. Also being a songwriter, musician and Ventriloquist, it became depressing because as weeks went by, I wasn’t noticing much improvement (this was partially my fault by “falling off the wagon” again with that hand trying to do household chores). A friend then told me about something called a “Vertical Mouse” that a friend of his was using, and forwarded a URL to check out the Evoluent Vertical Mouse. Using one-handed-typing, I brought up the Evoluent website. At first I found the photo of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse somewhat “strange looking”, but as soon as I saw the illustration of the forearm positions using it vs. a traditional mouse, I instantly recognized one of the major factors contributing to my specific problem was caused by use of a traditional mouse. I got so excited about the Evoluent V.M. that I immediately ordered one, and it felt like a “Ray of Hope” had appeared. I carried that excitement with a printout of the illustrations to my next Occupational Hand Therapy appointment so that my hand therapist could share the “Good News” with her other patients. My De Quervane’s Tendonits is fully healed now, but it took almost two years and tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue as a self-employed businessperson because I was unable to work. I subsequently purchased a second Evoluent Vertical Mouse for my other computer, and plan to order the new wireless version to use with a new portable notebook. The design of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse is how a computer mouse SHOULD have originally been issued with the first personal computer on the planet. The inventor of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse deserves significant recognition from the Medical Community for this incredible contribution to both preventative medicine and the post-injury therapeutic processes. If you don’t have computer mouse use related Carpal Tunnel or Tendonitis problems now, DON’T WAIT – start using an Evoluent Vertical Mouse NOW and potentially avoid a lot of unnecessary agony and costs later on.Eric Hilding

Eric Hilding

I have 2 of your mice currently in use (1 rev 1, I rev 2) and I am so smitten…. I work some days longer than the day. I am a video editor and producer and there have been occasions where I am at a machine for 36 hours at a time with only one break for dinner and a few bathroom and coffee (lot’s of coffee) breaks. Before moving to your vertical mouse I had some serious issues in my wrist, mostly when involved in long gaming sessions or under the deadline gun to finish a project in some no sleep oriented deadline that spanned uninterrupted 12-48 hours. There were days I had to wear sandals, as in I couldn’t tie a shoe. Those same days I couldn’t button shirts either, but thanks to you NOW THOSE DAYS ARE COMPLETELY GONE!!! In my frustration I started searching into ergonomics, which of course lead me to you… THANK YOU! Gaming is no longer painful! More importantly, I can work MUCH longer hours (billable hours are a VERY good thing these days) without having to stop for fatigue in my hand/wrist. Hell, I consider being able to tie my shoes and button my shirt a BONUS, although it should have never been an issue in the first place. I’m looking forward to getting a V3 mouse shortly from you. Again, I have tried them all and NOTHING compares to the Evoluent design! The gift of health is the most powerful thing one can give!”Justin Bates

Justin Bates

I want to say thank you for your wonderful product. I have been having a great deal of pain in my arms because of a huge project here at my work. I was going home and wrapping my arms, wrists, and elbows in hot packs and then ice packs. I was almost in tears. I was looking for something different to help me with my problem when someone showed me their vertical mouse. I looked up your product online and I looked a the beautiful drawings and explanations of why this would work and I thought well lets give this a try. I am one of the baby boomers that was changed from a left handed person to a right handed person when I started school and I was not sure if my brain could do the right handed version so I ordered them both. I got the left handed one first and I noticed the pain was less with each day that I used this. Because of a glitch at Fedex I just got the right hand one today but I can tell the difference right away… I have had several of the Admin. Assistants try this out this morning and if my initial impression from them is correct we will be ordering several of these before the week is out. I just can’t say enough about this product.. I feel that your product has helped me to be pain free and not have to have any drastic medical procedures done. Thank you and may your product become the norm for the industry. Thank you so much.Connie K. Keep

Connie K. Keep

I just thought I would write to you guys to tell you my story with the Vertical Mouse. I’m a hardcore computer user (mainly for work), and for years I had been doing research about the best ergonomic mouse that could relief my wrist pain. I finally decided to try out the Vertical Mouse. I have now been a user for exactly one year, and I can testify that it changed my life totally! Not only has the pain disappeared, but using the mouse for hours and hours of work doesn’t put any strain on my wrist. Furthermore, if I switch to a “normal” mouse, I immediately feel how unnatural the grip is, and the pain immediately comes back! It feels absolutely unnatural for me to use a normal mouse now. So yes, I carry my Vertical Mouse everywhere, even when I travel. I cherish it like my own child! Over a hundred of my colleagues kept asking me about my “strangely shaped” Vertical Mouse, and I even managed to convince Citigroup to add it to their approved list of hardware. Now I have friends using it at their workplace, colleagues sitting next to me, and even my dad at his office, my mom at home, and both my sisters! I recently went to a meeting with a client of mine, and surprisingly one of the attendees had his wrist wrapped in bandage. I asked him if it was mouse injury, and he said yes. A week later, he had the Vertical Mouse in his mailbox, and ever since he never stopped thanking me!Farid Khoury

Farid Khoury

This mouse took away the stiffness and pain in my arm, hand, and shoulder that I was getting from using the mouse so much. It positions your hand so that it’s in a neutral handshake position, and the relief is almost instant! The position prevents forearm twisting, which a regular mouse creates. The Evoluent mouse is incredibly comfortable and easy to use. I feel like my hand is actually resting when it’s on the mouse. All five buttons are placed so that your fingers naturally rest on them, and you need only use a light pressure (but still firm enough that you won’t accidentally click on them). You can program the buttons to do what you want, or leave them at their factory settings. It also has a really easy-to-use wheel, which I use to scroll through pages. The Evoluent mouse is USB, and has infrared tracking that responds quickly and well to your movements. You can adjust the tracking speed and mouse pointer to your own preference. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. They also have a left-handed vertical mouse for lefties. There are a number of vertical mice out there, but after a lot of online research, I chose this one because it seems to be truly ergonomic, the best in its class, and has great user reviews. I have been using mine for about three years now, and I am delighted with it. I never want to use a regular mouse again! You can read more about the Evoluent mouse’s ergonomic benefits here. Evoluent has fantastic customer support, and they make frequent updates to the driver. The Evoluent vertical mouse may seem pricey to some users at $80.00 US, but it’s worth every penny. You’ll feel the difference immediately. It saved my mouse arm from strain, pain, and numbness. I highly recommend it.Cheryl Rainfield

Cheryl Rainfield

I can’t begin to sufficiently praise my new mouse. I am impressed beyond words. The cordless version must be phenomenal! The tracking is quick and the movement required so minimal I was overshooting my mark for a while (made me laugh.) I had to slow the tracking until I regained my coordination. Moving the mouse requires the tiniest of pressures and I had to teach myself not to grip it like a standard mouse. It feels as though it’s floating under my hand. I need to work with our IT department to get the optional software loaded, so I can’t comment on the other button functionality, but the left and right buttons, and scroll-wheel features worked by simply switching mice. I was so impressed by your mouse, I looked at your keyboards. What a wonderful innovation – getting the keypad out of the way for the right-handed mouser! I am left-handed and write with my left, but type with either or both (like playing the piano), and mouse with my right. Ambidexterity gives me ergonomic options, but the old-style keyboard has plagued my logic for some time. I have sent a letter to our IT department, thanking them for allowing my non-standard mouse and introduce them to a better keyboard! With admiration for you ingenious inventionsDiane MayPower Plant Electrician

Diane May

Well, It’s been a week that I’ve had your Vertical Mouse. The first days were discouraging because it didn’t seem like it was going to help my CTS. It didn’t feel right. I guess I was used to pushing and pulling more on a mouse. Probably because it’s an unnatural position and there’s very little for the opposing thumb to do…anyway, I felt like a bumbling fool. After a few days, my hand-eye coordination started to return. After a week, I’m fully up to speed and I actually feel a nice sensation when using the mouse. Your web site focuses on the fact that you don’t have to twist your arm. Although that’s HUGE, equally as important to me is that the sensitive part of my wrist is not facing down or even touching anything. Also I’m not usually comfortable with multi-button input devices. The stress and strain of pressing a button with outstretched fingers causes a lot of discomfort. The buttons on the Vertical Mouse work beautifully and easily. My hand is in its most relaxed curved position, and squeezing sightly with your biggest fingers against an opposing thumb puts no strain on the hand. I still have trouble bending either of my first two fingers back to use the scroll wheel. I’d like it a lot better if it were on the thumb side instead of that slim button. And I refuse to have to download some third party program so I can use the other buttons. You should have a Mac OSX driver for the other buttons. I’d guess that a lot of the people who could benefit from this mouse are creative professionals like myself–who mostly use Macs for their work. Still in all, I love this mouse. Thank you for inventing it. My hand thanks you too.Bruce Snyder

Bruce Snyder

I love my Evoluent mouse. A recent career change has required a large increase in the amount of time I spend at the keyboard and mouse, and a problem that was always a nuisance had turned into a serious problem. I have a problem with forearm pronation, I can’t fully rotate my forearm so that my wrist is horizontal (palm down), as is required with a traditional mouse. This also causes problems grasping bicycle and motorcycle handlebars. Mousing was always an awkward and painful activity for me, I would switch-hit between mousing right-handed and left-handed, to try and distribute, and dilute, the abuse. But I was starting to have severe wrist pain in the right hand, and Carpal Tunnel symptoms in the left. I was desperate for a solution, I tried track balls, so-called ergo mice, anything to be able to keep working. Several months prior I had read the WSJ article, and was trying to remember the name of that vertical mouse they mentioned, I thought it might just be the solution for me. I did some searching, and found your website, and bought an Evoluent mouse. Its perfect, it completely solved my problem, no more pain, no more CTS symptoms!Russell Oppenheimer

Russell Oppenheimer

I’ve been using the Evoluent VerticalMouse for two years now and am an enthusiastic advocate for it amongst my co-workers. I tried several other “ergonomic mouse” products before finding the Evoluent. With the other products, my productivity plummeted and I realized no ergonomic benefit. Since the VerticalMouse has the same relative button positions as a conventional mouse, there was no adjustment period needed to “get used” to using it. I was able to begin using it immediately and instinctively. With the addition of the fourth and fifth buttons and the ability to program all five buttons, my productivity has actually increased while my mouse-related tendonitis problems have disappeared. It’s a great product that I have recommended and will continue to recommend!Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor

I have recently purchased the Vertical Mouse 2. I purchase it due to having extreme pain in my right hand, wrist and elbow. I had done everything I could to rehabilitate my wrist due to carpal tunnel, but nothing was working. I was at the point where I was wearing a wrist support almost all the time (working and sleeping) in order to continue working. Surgery was not an option as far as I was concerned. I was getting desperate when I read an aritcle (I think it was PC Magazine) on your mouse and I checked it out. The very first time I used it I realized the potential of the device. I am pleased to report that after 2 months of using the mouse, I am almost pain free and no longer require the wrist support. I am totally amazed. These should be standard in the workplace as far as I am concerned.Karen McCabe

Karen McCabe

just another endorsement (I have written several) but I am on my 3rd Evoluent, ..this one is all black, I like it better than the purple even though certainly no one who visits me says ‘a purple mouse?’…… but looks are important. As usual the quality and design of your mouse is really the most important factor and I could never return to a common mouse design after using the Evoluent for several years. No hand discomfort, no forearm pain, it is one of the few hardware purchases I have made over the years that continues to be a wise decision. The plain beige one I bought several years ago is the one that finally crapped-out after 4-6 hours per day, 7 days a week it owed me nothing. So, I floated over to Ergocube (I support their charity and slightly better price) and ordered the black one and then proceeded to attempt to take-apart the old beige buddy. (I know; I can hear you groaning) I was hoping beyond hope to find out why the ‘left-click’ was the detent that was going bad. Taking apart the mouse was no easy matter, (clearly a bad and unproductive idea), it is manufactured very well and did not give-up its’ shell easily. Of course, I have another Evoluent that I use on my Linux box, so I did not have to be without one while I waited for delivery of the placed order. (it would be heresy to use anything else).. Ergocube (like you folks) are very cool and the new black mouse arrived quickly. I appreciate appearances in design as well as function and the shiny black mated with the matte black powder coated shell is outstanding. Honest. So I am back to 2 Evoluents again, having given the ‘old beige’ a proper burial in an undisclosed place. Ergocube suggested my next purchase should be your chrome model……. If all this sounds a bit bizarre, consider how important comfort is when you are on the PC as much as I am and then you can understand why I would spend the effort to praise your fine product. It is common for people to complain, but who writes good stuff?… I have further found that my problems in the past, I had thought was the driver, was actually the mousing surface I was using and NOT the driver. I should have realized this; most mousing ‘jumps’ and flaky behavior is attributable to the mousing surfaces we use. So, sincerely, keep-up the great work. I am one of your biggest (and oldest) fansPeter F.

Peter F.

I would like to tell you more about the vertical mouse. I have had terrible tendonitis in my wrist and shoulder, and tennis elbow for the past six years. It started when I was 21. I used to work for a newspaper where I did a lot of layout and mousing. My arm got to the point where it hurt so badly that my doctor pretty much said I could not do layout anymore, which was 3/4 of my job! I went to occupational therapy and physical therapy. I wore braces and got several steroids, which only helped for one week at a time I went Fortunately I got a new job at a company which cares about its employees and they helped me pay for a new mouse. At first I purchased a Quill Mouse. Although it was comfortable, I could not move it around with ease. Then I discovered the Evoluent Vertical Mouse. I read some reviews on it and saw a video-demo on it. I noticed how the wrist isn’t turned and twisted and I thought to myself, THAT is the product I need to try. To me, this mouse has been my saving grace. Within three days I noticed I wasn’t having pain in my wrist anymore. After a month, I had practically no pain in my entire arm. My neck even felt better. Not to mention, the vertical mouse is so smooth, it is easier to operate precise mouse movements than any other mouse I have ever used. Today is Monday and I’ve been at work for an hour. I am using my old mouse that came with the computer. I already feel pain in my lower part of my hand and wrist and shoulder. After ONE hour! In a way I am glad the vertical mouse broke, because it really made me realize how important that mouse is for me. I have forgotten how wonderful it is to work all day without pain. Anyone and everyone who has any wrist issues with computing need to try this mouse. Anyone who may be prone to wrist issues should start on this mouse. Why were ALL mice not designed this way?!Olivia Bartlett

Olivia Bartlett

After using my new VerticalMouse 3 wireless for a couple of weeks, I must say that I am most impressed, to say the least!!! I am a long time computer user (from engineering work to gaming), and I have always had problems on and off with mouse comfort and fit during use. I have been playing games again with this mouse and absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!! The tilt to disable tracking is easy to get used to versus having to pick a conventional mouse up with the pinky an thumb. The button design is AWESOME!!! I used to have a Logitech Gaming Mouse that had nothing more than 3 buttons, before the days of the scroll wheel. I always loved the feel of that mouse for gaming! This mouse has recaptured that old familiar feel, with the wrist non-twisted to boot, and not at the expense of the handy scroll wheel either! I get my natural 3 button mouse feel for normal activities, but can use either the index or middle finger to access the wheel and extra button for secondary actions such as changing weapons,etc… Gaming is most certainly not the only place this mouse shine, though! I have really enjoyed programming the buttons for custom applications using the 3rd party mouse driver (yes, I’m one of those 64bit Vista guys, soon to be 64bit Win7… did not beta test 7 on this 64 bit machine, just used my desktop in 32 bit mode). If you want a really comfortable, and equally effective and useful mouse that can also help you out medically as well, then look no further than the Evoluent VericalMouse family! I am sold for life!!! My array of Razer, Microsoft, Logitech, etc… mice have now become a pile of artwork on the far side of the computer desk!William “GLiDE” MimsOne Happy VerticalMouse Owner!!! 🙂

William "GLiDE" Mims

I suffer from numerous nerve injuries in both arms caused by years of overuse on standard keyboards and mice. I cannot use a normal mouse for more than 5 minutes without severe pain and swelling so I have literally tried every mouse, trackball, keyboard and other gadget out there in order to find a solution for using a computer after 4 nerve release surgeries. The Vertical Mouse 2 is THE ONLY mouse I have used that does not cause me pain, it is incredibly sturdy, and holds up very well to constantly being thrown in my backpack for traveling (unlike the similar Quill mouse which I found very fragile and broke if it ever fell the short distance from the desk to the ground). I am not sure what I’d do without it, I take it anywhere that I might need to use a computer. It only takes a short time to become accustomed to the different hand/arm position — but believe me — if you use a computer a lot, and even have the slightest concern about injuries to your arms, then this is the best product out there. It works great, even for subtle movements like those needed for graphics, audio/film editing, and dragging/highlighting text. Plus I was more than impressed with their quick and helpful support — a real rarity these days in computer tech companies. I cannot thank them enough for a great product!Courtney Killian

Courtney Killian

I felt compelled to thank you for your product. I never thought that something so funny looking and so small could change my life in such a dramatic way. I ordered your mouse after a car accident left me with severe muscle and nerve and arterial issues in my right arm and back. Using a mouse at work was very painful and I thought I may need to go on disability, or have scary surgery. I found an online recommendation for your mouse and asked my IT department to please purchase one for me. I begged because this was my fourth try at an ergonomic mouse. I am glad that they happily agreed after reading information provided on your website. My mouse came, driver installed, mouse plugged in and I was SO excited to discover that there was NO learning curve. Using the Evoluent mouse was second nature, and much more comfortable than a normal mouse from moment one. In just two weeks the majority of pain and vascular issues have improved by over 60% Coworkers constantly come over to marvel at my funny mouse, and when they try it out the ask how they too can get one! Just one test drive is enough convincing. Thank you again for your product. It has decreased by pain, and my anxiety about work, and also improved my productivity.Stephanie Frankhauser

Stephanie Frankhauser

I am 31 years old. I suffered very bad right carpal tunnel syndrome dating back to when I was 24 years old, and working heavily with with a standard mouse. My symptoms subsided during law school with relative nonuse of a mouse. My problems came back when I began working as an a attorney using the mouse heavily on computer based litigation systems. I turned to the computer searching for “ergonomic mouse” and studies various models on the market. I settled on the Evoluent model from reading the web site information, and viewing the diagram of the bones, explaining and showing how the upright position of the wrist allows for minimal tension on the carpal tunnel. Over several months, I achieved 70-90% reduction in my pain symptoms, which were previously severe and would last all weekend, as well as during the work day. I mentioned your product to an orthopedic surgeon who I know through my profession. The product has been a lifesaver for me. Thanks!Alan K. Albert

Alan K. Albert

I have been using a VerticalMouse 2 for the past year or two and I have been very pleased with it. It basically eliminated the pain I had experienced when I was using a conventional mouse. I recently recommended the vertical mouse to a coworker who was having some arm pain, and we received a VerticalMouse 3 the other day. I had a chance to try out the VerticalMouse 3 because I was interested to try out the new shape, so I thought I would give you some feedback. I really like the new shape and the flange along the bottom edge to support the little finger. I had noticed with my VerticalMouse2 that there was just not enough room for my little finger to still allow the other three fingers to line up correctly with the buttons. It has not been a big issue for me, but the flange and additional room for the little finger is definitely an improvement on the VM3. I also prefer the silver color to the purple color of my VM2 – it looks more professional in my opinion.Josh Minnihan

Josh Minnihan

Being a computer consultant, I had read reviews about the Evoluent Vertical Mouse over the last few years and knew about it. When my own wrist and palm started to ache, I decided it was time to give it a try. The result: I love my vertical mouse. No more palm-pain or discomfort! No more wrist fatigue! My hand and arm actually feel more comfortable when using it. To top it off, Evoluent has included a rather feature packed driver so that I can do all kinds of wonderful things with the extra buttons. My current favorites are using the scroll-wheel (which is a button too) to perform double-clicks and using the thumb-button to issue the “Back” command in my web browser and in Windows Explorer. To top that all off, the Wireless version I have was kindly and intelligently designed to include a low-battery indicator on the underside of the mouse. An efficient mouse, with several hours of daily use, it took over 5 months before the low-battery indicator first blinked at me. This is a great product all around — especially if you want pain- and discomfort-free mouse usage.Mark SharComputer Consultant

Mark Shar

I want to let you know this is a great invention. In the world today it seems the big corporations live on greed and don’t care anything about people. Microsoft or any other big name dropped the ball by not taking interest in you product. From what I see they go on what sells and not what is right. It was neat to see the reaction of people here at work. Some people laughed at the design and some people thought it was cool and very creative. I must say the ones who laughed were unaware that using a computer mouse for long periods of time can cause injury. I use ProE for design everyday 8-10 hours of steady designing. I switched from a traditional mouse to your mouse so I don’t get any arm or wrist injuries. I can tell after one week of use that it makes a big difference. I would know, I use it more than some educated tester from the big name companies. You have a well designed and well built product here. Thank youRyan Just

Ryan Just

I wanted to get back to you regarding the use of the Evoluent mouse in our department. Chris Liddy is no longer with us at UCSD, but I have been using the mouse exclusively. I love it. Using a conventional mouse, I used to have pain at the bottom of my wrist through out the day. I don’t have any pain at all when using an Evoluent mouse. Because I can comfortably use Evoluent for hours on end, my production level has increased. Thanks so much for developing this; my wrist and I couldn’t be happier!Heather ErwinFood & Nutrition Services, University of California at San Diego

Heather Erwin

WooHoo! I love this mouse.” “This is first full day I have worked at my desk in a year that I have experienced NO discomfort in my wrist. Very comfortable, natural hand position; it is like having my hand in a weightless, resting position” “I have already recommended it to 3 clients and several friends.” “I purchase your new model for my employers wife. It has a very nice feel and is lightning fast. She is extremely please and it has helped her carpal tunnel as well.Tod R. Anderson

Tod R. Anderson

I purchased 2 Vertical Mouses [??Mice] about 15 mo ago and have been thrilled with them. My wrist pain and carpal tunnel sx resolved in less than 1 week.” “I bought the Mouse for use on computers at work. When I use the regular mouse at home for more than 30 min the wrist pain will start to come back – so I must have a vertical mouse for home use as well.Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

As a person who normally has pain in my mousing arm within five minutes of being on the computer, I can say that after a month of using the Evoluent VerticaMouse2 the pain has been substantially reduced. In my opinion, the design of this mouse is brilliant not only in its vertical orientation but also in the comfortable shape of the mouse, the layout and sensitivity of the 5 buttons and the smoothness of the scroll wheel, all of which contribute to minimize the amount of movement I have to use when doing mouse intensive work.Sylvie Fefer

Sylvie Fefer

I LOVE THIS MOUSE!!! I developed a repetitive strain injury as a result of the constant mousing required by my job. I’m getting closer and closer to complete recovery every day thanks to the therapy methods in a book called, “It’s Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” by Suparna Damany and Jack Bellis ( I’ve tried several input devices to help my recovery such as, pen and tablets, trackballs and the in-air mouse by Gyration. So far, I think I like the Evoluent mouse best of all for the kind of work that I do.Todd Miller

Todd Miller

I just purchase your Evoluent™ VerticalMouse™ 2 for left handed people. Thank you so much for thinking of us. I have worked on computers for over 30 years and I have just for the mouse for me. It is so easy to use and has great features. In the past I have either struggled using my mouse left handed or just gave in and used it with my right hand. I have never really been happy with my mouse. As you know if you work in a environment that requires you to work on computers than you are using your mouse daily. Your mouse is the best and I actually enjoy using it. Thanks Again, Very Happy CustomerDonna Sammarco

Donna Sammarco

I received the Vertical 2 mouse on Friday and used it all weekend without problem. The learning curve is minimal and the mouse works great. In using it I can appreciate the minor usability tweaks you’ve made to the Vertical 3 mouse such as the finger rest for the pinky finger. The change in tension on the wrist, arm and hand is greatly reduced to the point of being felt as a physical relief. I look forward to a wireless and or left-handed Vertical 3 in the future and will certainly keep an eye out for them. You’ve got a great product!Matthew Schoen

Matthew Schoen

I have had a vertical mouse for about 10 years and LOVE it. It just died. SO THRILLED to see you are still making these! my part # was vmouse1 – S/N: 23805473 I think it was first generation. I cannot say enough good stuff about your fabulous design. I’ve never been so attached to a piece of equipment before. Your product ROCKS!Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers

I must tell you, that using the VerticalMouse has improved my arm and wrist problems to the point that I am pain free. I am a Systems Engineer and spend the entire day at the workstation. I can now sit down and work without a thought of it hurting or if I am causing further damage. Thanks again for a revolutionary product!!John Heidenreich

John Heidenreich

Your mouse is the best thing that my hand has come across. I had pain in my hand that is now gone. My cursor control is better than ever. I have dreamed up many ‘ideal’ mousing devices in my mind, but this is better than any of those. Thank you.Tyson Leistiko

Tyson Leistiko

I do indeed love the mouse. I have been using it for two years now. Before, I was using a wrist brace to try and alleviate pain, now I have none. Many people who visit my office comment on what a strange mouse I have, and I tell them that it has saved me. Last year when I changed jobs, left my last company (and my Vertical Mouse) and started at my new job, I made that one of my first requests: “I need a Evoluent Vertical Mouse. It’s non-negotiable!Sue Boenisch

Sue Boenisch

I just recommended the Evoluent vertical mouse to a friend, went to your website and saw all the rave reviews, and felt like I need to tell you how *much* I love this product. I have had severe carpal tunnel syndrome for years, and have had two surgeries on my right hand for it. This is the most comfortable, convenient, well-designed device I have ever used. The way it responds to the lightest feather touches of my fingers saves my muscles the strain and my joints the percussive injury of tapping and strenuous movement. Very well done!Pamela McGlynn

Pamela McGlynn

I cannot say enough great things about the Evoluent VerticalMouse.It is absolutely fantastic and I have one both at home and at work. My wrist no longer bothers me because of this device, and people continue to notice it in my office. One coworker has been seduced by mine and will purchase one. The mouse is SO good for me that I don’t even think about it anymore, thinking that all mice should be like this and not understand why anyone would torture themselves using a “traditional” mouse. There is nothing to re-learn. It’s just a “regular” mouse sitting in a more natural position. Can’t live without it.Jeff Carpenter

Jeff Carpenter

As an all-day, every-day computer user over many years – my high-end, traditional mouse was getting hard on my wrist due to regular and prolonged use. So much so that we purchased an elastic wrist support from the local drug store for me to wear on days where the fatigue would set-in and result in painful movement. But since swapping-out the traditional mouse for the Vertical Mouse 2 a month ago – the wrist support has remained in my desk drawer and has not even crossed my mind. The Vertical Mouse 2 has been very helpful in easing the wrist strain from my every-day computer tasks.Larry Daniels

Larry Daniels

A friend of mine forwarded me the link to your mouse as he knew I was suffering from mild carpel tunnel syndrome and had been researching ergonomic mouse and keyboards. I saw the pictures and saw that unlike most manufacturers you had a left-handed version as well. I purchased the left-handed version, and I am very happy with it. It has reduced the pain in my left wrist quite a bit. It is certainly the most natural posture for a mouse. The only complaint I have is that it is a mouse, and not a track-ball design. I have always preferred track-ball designs, as I feel they are more comfortable than having to move my whole hand around. That said the only improvement I would suggest is to introduce a track-ball version as well which has a track-ball under the thumb. Other than that it is a great product, worth every dollar that I spent for it.Rakesh Vidyadharan

Rakesh Vidyadharan

I have purchased two of your Vertical Mouse 2 devices over the past two years and continue to be grateful every time I sit down at the computer. I work as a software developer and had developed severe numbness in my mousing hand and arm. Two days after replacing my traditional mouse with yours, the numbness went away and has never returned. I recently began working with Linux and Mac OS X in addition to Windows. I expected a hassle with getting the mouse to work, but it just did. So many products are cluttered with useless and buggy features, but your product is simple and just works. I just wanted to thank you for that. I’ll continue telling everyone who is curious about my “weird mouse” how great your product is.Jim C

Jim C

I am quite involved in bowling leagues in my area, and I have already recommended your product to others who have similar wrist/finger complaints. I’ve noticed a great deal of positive difference in both my game and work since getting that mouse, and after checking the dates of when I haven’t been able to use the Evoluent, my game has actually suffered. I’d make a note to your advertising department to sideline some ads to support those sports that emphasize mostly hand/wrist/forearm coordination. I’d reason that 95% of the bowlers out there aren’t supporting their careers only through the sport of bowling so I’m led to believe that a good percentage of that number are heavy computer users and, by extension, heavy mousers. I honestly didn’t make a connection when I first purchased the mouse, but after going back and forth, I’m fairly certain there is.Mike Walker

Mike Walker

I would like to thank your company for making such a great product, the VerticalMouse 2. I have been suffering from chronic epicondylitis in both arms for over 5 years, and have always had trouble after a few hours on the computer with regular mice. I make my living as a web developer, and have to use the mouse constantly for at least 8 hours every day. I had thought my web development days were over when the pain in my elbows and forearms was getting unbearable, and I tried three other mice but they didn’t really improve anything. Now I’ve been using your VerticalMouse 2 for a few months, and am pleased to say that all the pain is gone! I still have to be careful and take rest breaks, but my arms seem to be doing fine! When I try using regular mice now, I just feel like going back to the VerticalMouse 2 because it feels more natural. Thank you to everyone who works at Evoluent.Witek Radomski

Witek Radomski

I just got an Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 (right handed, if you must know) and I love it. I have tendonitis in my right (mouse) hand so I have been overhauling my work-ergo environment. I tried another ergo-mouse and it was “good” but still had issues with the OS recognizing the scroller properly. So I ordered an Evoluent mouse and my problems were solved. I love the fact that I can adjust the mouse speed *on the mouse* instead of forcing people into Control Panel, etc., and it just works. It’s also more comfortable than the other ergo-mouse. I am telling all my co-workers about your product!” “If you have hand-pain, this is one of those products that you just “gotta have.” It creates a somewhat rabid customer base because it’s the difference between being able to work and not being able to work.Doug Meil

Doug Meil

We received the mice in July 2006 and subsequently I issued on to an employee who had been using the same type of mouse for approximately 3 years. He is a double CT surgery person, so we have been very pleased with the comfort this mouse provides to him. I too switched from the Whale to the Evoluent Verticle Mouse 2. I love it. I am the ergonomics “expert” for our company, so I like to practice what I preach.” “I love the mouse I am using and I have been seen at the clinic before for tendonitis in my right hand, arm and elbow. It was so painful I could not use it to do any daily activities. This mouse is so easy to use and does not allow the user to grip it which I feel causes some of the hand palm cramping, etc.Trudy Duffman

Trudy Duffman

I have been using the new Evoluent Vertical-3 mouse for about three months and I have to say it’s an absolute dream. It took me about a day to get accustomed to the improved dynamics but I can’t imagine how I could ever go back to a traditional mouse. The wrist pain I was experiencing before is gone, period! The logical ergonomics are unquestionably superior to anything else on the market. My only complaint is that a Mac utility driver for the optional buttons is not included with the price of the product.Daniel Earl Ortego

Daniel Earl Ortego

People are very interested in my mouse and are amazed at the wonderful customer support!! I am very happy that my elbow is improving!!” “Just a note to inform you that my wrist rest arrived shortly after we last corresponded and that did the trick! The mouse fits perfectly now and I am pleased and amazed to report that my elbow is almost entirely back to normal!! It’s wonderful! I am now able to lift gallon jugs of milk at the grocery store again and am able to once again carry my grocery bags without pain, not to mention do my work without my elbow hurting!! Thanks again for your wonderful product and dedication!Christine Hood

Christine Hood

This mouse has made a dramatic impact on helping me get through RSI. Although I am not cured, the level of my mouse pain was reduced dramatically & almost immediately. I have purchased one for my home use, I have recommended it to many of my co-workers, and everyone is very happy with the results. Thanks for your care and dedication to the suffers of RSI.Dasz Garncarz

Dasz Garncarz

When my sleep started to be affected by the ache in my hand, I knew that I had to do something different with my computer setup at work. I had been spending hours clutching the mouse working on a very large year-end report. When I found the vertical mouse online and read the user reviews, I ordered one immediately. I love it! It’s easy to install and easy to use. I love the ability of programming the buttons to meet my needs. The best part is no more aches and pains!Debbie Ford

Debbie Ford

I just wanted to write and thank you for creating the Vertical Mouse 2. I am a computer systems analyst and have been working this job for 6 years. Over the past 2, I’ve been experiencing discomfort in my right wrist from using my conventional mouse for long periods of time. I also play saxophone on the side and my wrist would pain even when playing my sax. I started using the vertical mouse 2 about a month ago, and I’m very happy to report that I’m pain free now. This mouse has likely saved me from a costly and painful surgery down the road. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product.Paul McIntyre

Paul McIntyre

I purchased your vertical mouse a couple months back and just wanted to say thanks. I actually have a similar idea for a mouse some years back while having dinner with my chiropractor and discussing ergonomics… I was pleased to see someone had actually made one. Being a web publisher, I am at my machine longer than most and had development extreme pain in my shoulders wrists hands, which was severally affecting my work.. After just a few months of using this mouse about 80% of the pain is gone and my normal work schedule has resumed with out the need for braces, wraps, ice or medication. Just wanted to say thanks.Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon

I am an Administrative Assistant currently in physical therapy for tennis elbow due to too much mousing. One of our engineers has your vertical mouse, and I test-drove and subsequently ordered one. I have to say that I am THRILLED with the results. After one morning’s use, I am noticing a difference. Usually by lunch time, my arm muscles & tendon are so bothered that I have to use a massage roller on them. Today (the first mouse day) – nothing. Not one twinge. The hands-down best feature on the mouse is the double-click button. I can’t thank you enough for creating this little purple gem. I’m spreading the word as fast as I can.Carolyn Greene

Carolyn Greene

I have been using the Evoluent Ergonomic Mouse for one year now and I absolutely love it. After reading excellent reviews on the web, I have decided to buy and I haven’t regretted my choice. The pre-sale customer service is excellent: they have answered all the questions I had since I was purchasing it from Italy and they had to ship it from the States. The mouse comes with a software that lets you personalize each button functions and add cool effects to your mouse. I work on the computer 12 hours a day and I’d like to thank Evoluent for helping me preventing RSI.Vittorio BosioItaly

Vittorio Bosio

I also want to congratulate you on the mouse itself. In the past I’ve had major wrist and forearm issues because of using a mouse. To the point where a few years ago I had to switch from my left hand (my main hand) to my right so that I could keep working. As I started to develop the same pains in my right arm I switched to your mouse a year or so ago the pains stopped totally. My only small problem is that I can’t switch back to my left hand due to the design but thats a small price to pay considering. Next time I wouldn’t mind getting both the left and right hand version so that I can alternate to give either arm a rest but the prices are still a bit high for that. Hopefully you start selling many more units soon so that the price can come down.Richard


I am an advocate for The Evoluent Mouse. Several years ago, when You first marketed the product, I bought my first one; simply reading the description and looking at the diagram, it just made sense, mechanically. As i said earlier, some purported ‘innovative ideas’ for computing are ‘gimmicks’ and probably should not have seen the light of day in the first place. The premise behind your product is a sound one.. Your mouse has gone thru subtle, and yet substantial change since the first ‘white shell’ that I bought. (I especially like the matte finish and the new box/packaging is exceptional)Peter


I love the Evoluent VerticalMouse2! I was having a lot of forearm, shoulder and neck pain due to repetitive stress use of a mouse. Then I got the VerticalMouse2 and within an hour of first use, I could feel a noticeable relaxation of all the muscles formerly used to move the mouse and with a short while I became pain free when working on the computer with the mouse. I am thrilled to have discovered this product. No sooner do people see it than they want to know what kind of mouse it is. When I share with them that it is the best mouse that I have ever used, many of them are skeptical. Then I let them try it for a few minutes. Then, they want to know where they can get one! Keep up the good work!Teresa Roebuck

Teresa Roebuck

It just arrived this morning via FedEx, and I just wanted to tell you that this is perhaps the best mouse I’ve ever used. I’m using it on an Apple iMac G5, and thanks to the Apple OS X operating system, it required no drivers of any kind, just plug it in and go. The extra two buttons are ignored (thumb and ring finger), but are probably programmable, it behaves as though it is a two button mouse with click wheel, and it behaves perfectly, better than expected. Top of the class, an excellent mouse. For people with severe repetitive stress injuries in the wrist (carpal tunnel, etc), this mouse could make the difference between being able to use a computer and not being able to use a computer. Thanks for designing and making such a useful device!Karel Sebek

Karel Sebek

I just wanted to say that I’m very satisfied with the Evoluent Mouse. I am an AutoCAD user and I was experiencing wrist tingling when using my conventional mouse. My chiropractor suggested looking for an upright, non-stress position mouse. I looked everywhere for a five button upright mouse and the Evoluent Mouse is the only one I could find. I wasn’t impressed with the driver when I first purchased the mouse a couple of years ago, but I am impressed with the new (11-5-2006) driver which has functionality to set different functions for different apps. You do a wonderful job and I just wanted to offer some encouraging words.Ryan Simmons

Ryan Simmons

I recently purchased your Vertical Mouse and love it. I was experiencing pain in my right hand from using a mouse, and the Vertical Mouse has solved the problem. After a couple weeks of use, the pain is gone. I also love being able program all the buttons by application if desired. Use of the Vertical Mouse is instinctive if you already use a standard mouse. The only adjustment is having the additional buttons and function programming capability which is a huge bonus. Everyone needs two of these, one for home and one for work; I’ll probably be getting the second one soon. Thanks!Steven Watson

Steven Watson

Hi! I just wanted to say that I recently recieved your mouse from “J&R Music and Computer World” via and I really love it! I was beginning to have some real problems with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; pain, itchy palm, and more. As soon as I’d touch a mouse the pain would start. I ordered the vertical mouse and as soon as I started using it, I could feel a difference. NO PAIN! Now, even when doing other things that used to irritate my wrist, there is less (or no) pain because my wrist and arm are getting a rest while on the computer now! I wish I knew how to spread the word. It really helps! I put a photo of it on my Flickr account, and I intend to blog about it, too. Keep up the great work!Lauren


LOVE my left-handed vertical mouse. Has solved my tendonitis problems that had developed throughout my arm….and as a pianist and church organist….this had become serious business.” “This really is a terrific product and it has allowed me to continue my career as a keyboardist when eight months of physical therapy produced little results. After switching to your mouse, I was up and playing again….without pain….in about three weeks!Mark K. Williams

Mark K. Williams

I had carpal tunnel syndrome for several years and had surgery on my right wrist, unfortunately without any relief. I’ve been using the Evoluent mouse for over a year now and my carpal tunnel problems have almost completely disappeared. I have two words of advice for anyone considering purchasing the Evoluent mouse: 1. Don’t worry about the cost: it WILL be worth it. 2. Make sure you use the mouse for at least a month before you decide whether you like it. The different hand position may feel awkward at first, but you will soon adapt to it and the reward will be well worth the effort.Gary Martel

Gary Martel

After getting RSI (caused by a mild, curable form of hernia), I’ve tested various mouses, and chairs, and … As for mouses, Evoluent’s is the best, ergonomically and functionally, and the most solidly built. Actually, we’ve all been working with the wrong concept of mouse for over 20 years now ! Myself, I’ve changed both my pc mouse at work and my not so mighty (i.e. very unergonomic) mouse at home. I’m hoping that Apple will make a vertical mouse its next standard, the company owes it to itself, and I can’t conceive of any better model for them to patent than Evoluent’s.PatrickBelgium


After starting to use the Vertical Mouse for the first time it took a few hours to get used to. Naturally my brain has been wired to use a normal mouse for more than 10 years. After getting used to it, it became very comfortable to use and my aches had gone. At the end of the day, I then decided to switch back to my old mouse to see what it would be like and I could really feel the twist in my forearm! I don’t think I’ll be moving back to my old mouse now that I have a much more ergonomic and comfortable alternative.Niraj Patel

Niraj Patel

Just an update to inform you that my elbow has healed 100%, thanks to your hard work and dedication in developing your wonderful mouse. Thank you again! It is wonderful to be able to fully use my elbow now, to be able to lift items that I used to lift, to be able to perform my job without elbow pain. In addition, it is wonderful to not have to consider having surgery to repair the elbow! Thank you wholeheartedlyChristine Hood

Christine Hood

First I’d like to thank you for creating such an innovative mouse. I’m suffering from “tennis elbow” and have switched to this mouse to relieve the condition. Honestly I wish all mice were vertical. Yours is especially great with switchable resolution which tracks very well. I’ve used an MX1000 by Logitech before this one, a laser mouse and I think this tracks just as well.Evan Gifford

Evan Gifford

I use a Vertical Mouse 3 at work on XP Professional and it’s absolutely great. I have never had any trouble with any kind of wrist fatigue, but I can certainly tell that now I never will. I liked it so much that I purchased one for use with my laptop at home” “I tell everybody I know that it is hands down the best mouse ever invented.Rob Ostermann

Rob Ostermann

I just received my vertical mouse 4 wireless, it’s a really nice upgrade, I love that the bottom slider pads are nice and big, and won’t come off and the chrome thumb area is a smart improvement as well, so the rubber won’t start coming off as easily over time. you all have really made this product better over time. Of course the mini size dongle is working great too. I had trouble with the other dongle and this one seems to stay connected perfectly. Nice work on this. I’m glad I have kept up as a customer over the years.Mike Smick

Mike Smick

THANK YOU! I do want to tell you that I have been very pleased with the Ergo Mouse, it made a huge difference in the amount of pain I had previously experienced. That is why I was bummed when it died and I had to go back to the typical mouse 🙂 I have also recommended it to everyone I can think of and frequently get questions about it when I am using it in a public place. Thanks again for your support and for standing behind your wonderful product! Here is my address information:Tammy Houston

Tammy Houston

I just LOVE it! It changed my life. I am a freelance graphic designer and was having debilitating pain in my wrist and forearm for over a year. I bought a vertical mouse, and started to feel the difference the same day I started to use it. Now I can’t work without it!Helen Samson

Helen Samson

I have used the Vertical Mouse 2 for quite a few months now. I am very happy with it and my wrist pain has vanished. I am recommending it to everyone I know. I work in ITS for the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine. We are seeing more and more people with wrist problems. I think this Vertical Mouse would help a great deal of people.Kathy McCain

Kathy McCain

I’ve been giving demos of my mouse to everyone who stops by my office. The software I use is much more mouse intensive than most and the pain I’d had in my wrist and arm has completely disappeared. If you need a happy customer quote, just ask me!” “I’m one happy customer who would love to bring you more happy customers. I was heading towards carpal tunnel surgery before I got the mouse so there’s really not been a downside for me.Deborah Springer

Deborah Springer

Thank you so much for the Evoluent mouse! I have worked as a video game artist for a number of years- spending many hours on the computer at home and in the studio. The pain in my mouse arm was consistently growing worse, and a friend of mine recommended I give your product a try. The difference was like night and day. The instant I started using your mouse, my arm began to feel better. Thanks again.Jonathan RushProfessional Video Game Artist

Jonathan Rush

This is my second Evoluent mouse. I purchased my first about 7 months ago. It is a Vertical Mouse 2. I had reached the point to where I could barely use a mouse due to pain in my wrist and tingling and numbness in my fingers. I had to do something so I decided to try the Evoluent mouse. When using the Evoluent mouse, pain and numbness are no longer an issue. If I use a traditional mouse, the discomfort returns after about an hour of use. I’m have since purchased one for home too.Gene S.

Gene S.

I’ve surfed and studied a lot about ergonomic mice and keyboards the last ten years. Recently I did something that I should have done years ago: I bought Evoluent VerticalMouse. It is VerticalMouse 3 Rev 2. My wrist pain and arm pain went away the next day and have been gone since – for weeks now! I have some new pain in my shoulder but it’s probably because of my non-ergonomic chair and table. I also recommended the mouse to my friend who also bought 3 Rev 2. I am very happy with my new mouse that keeps the pain away, finally!ToukoFinland


I bought my first Evoluent mouse from the Internet. Due to a lateral epicondylitis I had to try this product. I was so pleased with it that, when traveling to the US, I bought three more Evoluent mouses at Fry’s, one to give as a gift to my brother, the others to complement the first one: I have one at home, one at the university office, one at my other office. Anywhere I work I have an Evoluent mouse waiting for me. Love it. Love them all 🙂Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes

I just bought and received the latest version of VM. I just wanted to say you’ve done a great job as always. I’ve been buying them since you 1st started making them and I love the adjustable dpi (brilliant stroke that, something I really needed) and the flare at the base of the palm is perfect. WELL DONE. Thanks again for a great product which has helped be deal significantly my RSD issues over the years.Richard Goldstein

Richard Goldstein

I was recently given one of your EVM3 (wireless) for Christmas and love it. Completely lives up to its promise of being ergonomically superior to anything else out there and makes my wrist feel great, unlike the crappy Mighty Mouse. Better yet, I use it in my office. I’m a graphic designer so we use Illustrator like surgeons, as it slowly destroys our wrists. This has given your team a lot of exposure; many had never heard of you or your product and now many are considering purchasing.John Chiappone

John Chiappone

My husband and I have been using our mice for a couple of weeks now, and love them! One person on Twitter bought one on my recommendation and also is quite satisfied. Another Twitter user already had the corded version, loved it, and was happy to hear about the wireless version (don’t know if he ordered or not). My coworker is considering buying one. So there are several happy users, and other potential users.Keri Morgret

Keri Morgret

I used reviews from various websites to find your mouse for the first time and have been completely pain-free and happy with the mouse. When I changed jobs, the first thing I did was have my new company order me the same one since I had to leave the old one with the old job. I do get complaints from the IT guys who come to my desk to work on my PC because it takes some getting used to but I think it’s an outstanding design.Ginger Lewis

Ginger Lewis

I am using a wired version 3 that sat in its box here, unused, for longer than I care to say. but I broke it out, plugged it in recently when my forearm began acting up again (which prompted the purchase in the first place, but which also resolved itself, until just recently recurring..), and it helps the affliction tremendously – often, there is no “knowledge” of my forearm at all.Mark Tabor

Mark Tabor

I have owned an Evoluent Vertical mouse for a while now and really thankful to have it. It has saved my wrist from the damaging effects of using ordinary pointing devices for over 20 years. My fingers no longer lose feeling, get cold and my wrist no longer hurts throughout the day. I have recommended your product to several people at work and to my friends.Glenn Trimble

Glenn Trimble

I’ve been using the Evoluent vertical mouse for well over 6 months now. I have to say, this is the best mouse I’ve used. Very comfortable and effortless to move around. It does take about 2 days to get fully used to it, but stick and out and you will be glad you did. My wrist is never sore any more after a full day of computing.Mike


The Vertical Mouse has eliminated the pain and tension I my wrist. As a web designer I use my mouse non-stop all day. I will never go back to a standard mouse again. This has been well worth the money. I’d rather pay now for a good mouse, then pay later in life for the pain in my wrist.Chad Nash

Chad Nash

let me say that I really like your product. I was having some pain in my forearm a few years ago, but after switching to the Vertical Mouse, I have not had any pain since.Eric


I recently purchased the Evoluent Vertical Mouse from you. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve tried lots of different ones and this mouse is the BEST! I don’t have any more problems with my wrist. I have told family/friends about you and I know they’ll be ordering soon, too. Thanks again!CLS


I just want to say that I own a (original) purple left hand Vertical Mouse. I had a stroke a few years ago and I think the vertical mouse is fantastic. About 3 years ago I was starting to get carpal tunnel problems with my good left hand and then I bought your left hand mouse. Problem solved! Please, please, please make a wireless version.Brad Nunn

Brad Nunn

I’ve been using the VerticalMouse (first version) for a few years now, and I’m very happy with the product. It’s very comfortable and has lessened my wrist pain significantly compared with the many other mice I’ve used in the past.Bryan Urban

Bryan Urban

It has made a big difference in my working life and I don’t think I would be still doing my CAD job if this mouse would not be available. I have also fellow workers using your mouse too who previously had problems with overuse.Markus Graf

Markus Graf

The most beneficial mouse on the market today. Ergonomically designed to ensure there will be no strain on the carpal tunnel caused by compression of the median nerve. I would recommend purchasing a VerticalMouse for all family members. In addition it is pleasure to use, and is very precise for detailed work.George Lockwood

George Lockwood

If you ever need someone to endorse your product I’ll be glad to. I have a couple at work and a couple at home and they have saved my life. It was getting so I couldn’t work and now I’m good to go and no more pain or numbness. I tried them all and yours really works best. ThanksKelvin Settle

Kelvin Settle

I purchased my vertical mouse-2 about 6 months ago and was amazed that the strain in my wrist left almost entirely after 2 weeks! This has truly been a phenomenal product in terms of ergonomics but less so in reliability. To date I have recommended this mouse to many of my colleagues and a few IBM consultants 3 of whom (that I know of) subsequently purchased it as well.Dave Turner

Dave Turner

I’ve been using your VerticalMouse 2 for about a year and a half now at my work desktop, and I love it. Prior to using it, I was having shooting pains in my mousing thumb regularly, which have now gone away.Luther RochesterIT Manager

Luther Rochester

Your product is WONDERUL – the pain in my wrist is gone, despite some pretty long days with a mouse. I will never use any other mouse design.Marilyn(last name withheld)


To put it simply, the man who is using it had severe wrist pain using a good quality microsoft mouse, one day after using the Evoluent Mouse, the pain was gone, and hasnt bothered him again. On top of that, its a well constructed solid mouse, great response from the buttons.Jason Buist

Jason Buist

I am a Mechanical Engineer using SolidWorks as my primary 3D design package and have had considerable trouble with tendonitis in the past with conventional mice. I purchased your mouse and was elated with the way it worked and how much it helped to reduce the discomfort I get after hours at the computerTerry B. Oquin

Terry B. Oquin

I absolutely love this nicely designed mouse already. No need to uninstall any drivers” “And it seems easy to get used to, even for someone who is not used to doing anything with her left hand at all. And, since I had hand surgery a couple of years ago and really needed to find an alternative to right-hand mousing, I am really happy to have found your mouse.Claudia Brandt

Claudia Brandt

I sure hope you keep on improving things since I will never be able to go back to a conventional mouse! For the life of me, I don’t know why more people are not using your product. It is the single most important advancement in computer technology I seen since the original mouse by Apple Computer!Daniel Ortego

Daniel Ortego

I have been using the Evoluent vertical mouse for about six months, and I absolutely LOVE it. As the facilities coordinator at Eaton Corporation’s WHQ, we have been recommending this mouse to our employees who have ergonomic issues.Sandy Benzin

Sandy Benzin

I am really thrilled about these mice! My hand and shoulder strain has almost totally disappeared.” “I wonder why this mouse is not on sale in all IT shops around the world. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll find the use of all other mice dreadfully painful! It is a bit bigger than a normal mouse, but even when travelling, I always find a space in my suitcase for it.Beate Minow

Beate Minow

The comfort level is awesome.” “There was no getting used to it because it is so natural. I love the separate button for double clicking.Beverly Priest

Beverly Priest

love my VerticalMouse!” “It is great for relieving pressure on the carpal nerve in my wrist. I have been able to use my mouse all day long at work and not have any pain in my wrist at night.Doug Bartow

Doug Bartow

Rarely do I feel so positively about a product that I feel compelled to contact the company and thank them, but your mouse helped save my wrists. I was suffering from tenosynovitis and your mouse has been a joy to use.Loren Halvorson

Loren Halvorson

I love the Evoluent VerticalMouse 2. I use it on mac and pc. The soreness in my wrist has gone down considerably. I have been recommending the mouse to other editors and people I know who use computers a lot.Jacob Nasim

Jacob Nasim

I have the #2 mouse and love it. I have had several people try it here at work and I know quite a few who ended up ordering it. My wrist pain went away within a matter of days and I have not had any pain since.Jeremy BrimerProfessional Engineer

Jeremy Brimer

The mouse works flawlessly, better in many cases than most other optical mice. It is extremely comfortable and easy to use, even for extended periods of time. It also performs amazingly well while gaming, even in high-action first person shooters. While a bit pricey, it is well worth the investment.Michael Casolary

Michael Casolary

I love the mouse and swear by it. I constantly recommend it to anyone who spends a few hours a day or more on the computer, as the position it allows your hand to operate in is much more ergonomic than that of traditional mouse where your tendons are twisted! This was recommended to me by a physical therapist.Justin Boreta

Justin Boreta

My Wife purchased your vertical mouse for me for this past Christmas to my surprise. It looked a little unusual, but I was willing to give it a try. After working with the vertical mouse for the past two weeks I am impressed. It is very responsive and fast and very comfortable to work with. I just thought that I would send this email and compliment you on a terrific product. I love my vertical mouse and would definitely purchase another one.Norm Auger

Norm Auger

I purchased my vertical mouse-2 about 6 months ago and was amazed that the strain in my wrist left almost entirely after 2 weeks! This has truly been a phenomenal product in terms of ergonomics but less so in reliability. To date I have recommended this mouse to many of my colleagues and a few IBM consultants 3 of whom (that I know of) subsequently purchased it as well.David Turner

David Turner

Just wanted to say thanks for your great product. I purchased a Vertical Mouse 3 because of pain in my hand while using a normal mouse. After using your product the pain went away almost immediately. Being a GIS tech I do a lot of pointing and clicking, you might consider marketing your mice towards the GIS and AutoCAD industries they do more pointing and clicking than anyone.Andrew Strawn

Andrew Strawn

Vertical mouse. 100% great. Had carpal tunnel and surgery on one hand, was going back for the other surgery, but switch to this mouse and now I am fine. No pain, no problems, no more surgery. ThanksNick Hall

Nick Hall

I purchased the Evolument mouse after seeing a review in MacWorld. Its really too expensive, but it does everything the review said it would. And, I am very happy with the mouse. If they would bring down the cost, I would purchase another for my other computer.Joe Kearney(L.A. composer/guitarist)

Joe Kearney

I was having a lot of problems with my wrist when a friend recommened the Evoluent mouse. AS SOON AS I STARTED USING IT, my wrist and arm FELT a lot better. I have a laptop and (would) carry the mouse with me. People (would) always stare and ask ‘what is that!’ I have recommended it to many people. (and said) I WILL never go back to a regular mouse.Ronne Mariah

Ronne Mariah

At my company we work with Sun Blade workstations. For ergonomic reasons we have been using your RH Evoluent 2 mouse which works just fine with them. This particular mouse has been very popular with our people as it does use a more natural posture.DonnaErgonomic Contact


The mouse has really helped me. If I use a standard “horizontal” mouse, my elbow start aching within hours. I Also like the opportunity to have different functionality on the buttons in different programs.Knut Fiskergard

Knut Fiskergard

Nice work! Took me maybe an hour to adjust. Now that I have your new mouse I simply cannot go back to the regular mouse. For anyone with wrist ailments this little baby is the solution!Jeb Brodrick

Jeb Brodrick

I purchased this mouse through and I love it. I have already noticed improvement in a sore spot that was developing on the heel of my hand, and also muscle strains have been relieved.Florence Nygaard

Florence Nygaard

Since installing this product, a notable increase in both comfort and speed has been achieved.” “A wonderful, intuitive product with rock-solid ergonomics. You dont know until you get this in your hand just how easily it works. No twinges of carpal tunnel.Joe Calarco

Joe Calarco

I have tried every so-called ergo mouse on the market and both design and comfort-wise there is simply no contest. I would urge anyone with CTS or other RMS related symptoms (or wishing to avoid them) to try the Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 ASAP. No only does it feel great, but it’s extremely accurate and looks cool too!Scott Whitman

Scott Whitman

I own 2 right-handed and 1 left-handed Vertical Mice, which have been the single greatest factor in making my tenosynivitis (tendon intersection syndrome near the wrist from using a regular mouse) disappear. I can’t imagine using a regular mouse again. Thanks for making such an excellent design and product.Jeff Bartel

Jeff Bartel

Great product! I’ve been using a — 4 button mouse for many years. In the last 6 months I’ve experienced increasing wrist discomfort to the point of wearing a brace. I felt relief within 20 minutes of using your device and had very little trouble adapting to the layout. Thank you.Ken Brown

Ken Brown

I have purchased your mouse and am using it for about two weeks now. I wanted to tell you that you have designed a wonderful product. I use the computer every day and my hand was getting sorer each time. I think that in time my hand won’t hurt anymore.Jean M. Pechin

Jean M. Pechin

THANKS so much, it’s now The PERFECT mouse! We’ll be buying more soon. There are several of us in the office that are having wrist aches lately, so I decided to try the Vertical Mouse at home and see if it helped! I’ve been using it for about a month, and no pain whatsoever! (We have a small business that’s totally paperless, so we are on the computer ALL day everyday)Vikki Hollis

Vikki Hollis

I have been suffering from tendinites, starting at the shoulder for several years, to the point where my right arm could not reach up more than 2/3 of the way. Using the evoluent mouse for over 8 months now and to my surprise, I no longer have any tendinites/bursitis in my right arm. I just wanted to say thanks to those of you who came up with this idea. Forever grateful,Michèle Sasseville

Michèle Sasseville

I just wanted to let you know that I first bought mine, and then a day or two later bought one for my partner, because the mouse feels so right in my hand, so much more comfortable. Incredibly so. Like it’s correcting something. After I first tried it, I realized that I never want to go back to an old shaped mouse; it’s so unnatural. And I’ve also been telling my friends. Thanks again.Cheryl Rainfield

Cheryl Rainfield

I love my Evoluent VerticalMouse 2, the design is really a breakthrough! It eliminated my wrist pain as soon as I began using it and saved me from surgery. It also saved my business. My wrists and my clients thank you.Gamalier de Jesús

Gamalier de Jesús

I purchased the verical mouse about a year ago and I love it. It’s far more comfortable than any mouse on the market! I have even refered it to my physician to pass on to any of his patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.Sean Simons

Sean Simons

the Vertical Mouse is a great product. I can use it for indefinite periods of time without any wrist or hand pain. On the occasions when I must use a conventional mouse (like at work), the pains soon return.John Shine

John Shine

let me say that I really like my vertical mouse. Our I/T people provided it to me, along with an Ergo keyboard, because I was having such extreme tendonitis pain. It has subsided tremendously in just the first 3 weeks of use.Richard Deopere

Richard Deopere

I’m designing cruise ships and after 8-10 hours daily drawing in CAD (ArchiCAD) my arm is usually stiff and sore – on my way to more serious damage. Now using the VertikalMouse I don’t feel a thing and that feels good!Robin Manger

Robin Manger

The Vertical Mouse 2 keeps your hand in a non-stressed position. Finer control of the mouse is possible than with the mouse types that rest the hand on the mouse platform.Rob Moody

Rob Moody

I had just received my new mouse and was shocked in two ways. First, it felt wonderful and natural to use from the start. So much so, a co-worker who is suffering from hand and shoulder pain tried it and has now ordered one for herself. Second, I was shocked at the color – it was purple/black.Richard Leong

Richard Leong

I’ve been loving my Vertical Mouse for over a year now. I thank you; my wrist really thanks you.” “I can’t imagine anyone using any other mouse after having held this one in their hand! You’ve done great service for many of us with your creation.Nikki Copus

Nikki Copus

Still hoping you’ll be bringing-out a wireless version of your Evoluent Mouse. I’m now using one at work (v2 – courtesy of the ergonomic assessment I received at work) and it’s helped a lot – much less pain. (Carpal Tunnel issues).Tony Turner

Tony Turner

Our ergonomics department recommended one of your verticle mice for an employee here who was having problems with her wrist and elbow. The mouse has been wonderful and worked very well to alleviate the problems she was experiencing.Jason Klewchuk

Jason Klewchuk

I have 3 Evoluent keyboards, 1 is retired, that I keep for a spare and 2 I actively using on a daily basis. I love this keyboard and it really helps with my wrist pain because my right hand does not have to ‘travel’ so far to the mouse. Thank-youJennifer


I recently purchased the vertical mouse and so far am quite satisfied. I have tested it alongside the Microsoft ergonomic natural wireless 6000 mouse; I prefer the Evoluent mouse because my arm is still twisted when using the Microsoft mouse.Laurie McCabe

Laurie McCabe

I’ve been using the mouse now for over 3 months but within 3 days my carpal tunnel pain was gone. I wish I had known about your product sooner, but at least I’m using it now.Nick Nesta

Nick Nesta

“I’ve been using your mouse for years after begin struck with bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I have to tell you the vertical mouse has saved my career. Thank you so very much!Alex Georgiev

Alex Georgiev

Love the vertical mouse…awesome! Many of us at PG&E have been using the Vertical Mouse 3 (right and left) for several years.Jerry DeGarmoAssociate Distribution Engineer Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Jerry DeGarmo

Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your mouse pain- free for several years. I stopped using it for less than a week and my forearm pain has returned. Thanks for the great product!Cathie Pryer

Cathie Pryer

It’s the only mouse I’ve ever found that lets me use a computer comfortably and my job requires a lot of computer use.Anand Subramani

Anand Subramani

I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been using your mouse (VM3W-R) now for only three working days and the RSI in my right hand is practically gone. Thank you very much for a great product!Daniel Klasson

Daniel Klasson

The vertical mouse has helped tremendously to reduce the pain of the tendonitis in my elbow.Harrel Lamkin

Harrel Lamkin

I’ve been using the VM2 for about a month now, and I think its great! It took me maybe 2 hours to get used to it, and a week max until it was 2nd nature. Great product!Rob Kuehl

Rob Kuehl

Have been using the VerticalMouse for two months and really like it. I can tell a big difference in wrist pain reduction.Jim Wheless

Jim Wheless

I am a happy E2 mouse user, the pain in my right hand has completely disappeared.Dale McMillan

Dale McMillan

I use the mouse referenced above because I have had carpal tunnel release on both hands. Also, surgery on my left thumb. Comfort level on this mouse is wonderful.” “I love this mouse. Cannot do without.Gayle Jones

Gayle Jones

Your mouse is BRILLIANT!!! It saved my hand big time! I was almost out of work with carpel tunnel and now I can work without any problems…so thank you!!!Sameer Zavery

Sameer Zavery

Thank you very much for the mouse. I have it for three weeks. Before it I’ve felt different kind of pain in every finger. Now the pain is gone. Many thanks for the excellent device!Oleg Sverdlov

Oleg Sverdlov

We have a few individuals who need an ergo mouse from doctor recommendations. The people who use this particular mouse love it!Scott Sharp

Scott Sharp

I LOVE your vertical mouse and have one of your first models. I was having a lot of pain and it completely solved my problems.Karen Pfautz DeSimone

Karen Pfautz DeSimone

I have been using the vertical mouse for a long time and it has saved my wrist and elbow…and I have spread its knowledge all over Asheville, NC. It is a good product.Stephen McConnellArchitect

Stephen McConnell

I love your mouse and have bought several for my co-workers. When will you come out with an cordless one? I would love the freedom when doing 3 d drawing.Dani Parmelee

Dani Parmelee

This mouse is the greatest thing that I have used, the stiffening and problems with my wrist have disappeared, and since I make my living on a computer that is a very good thing.Mike Kolb

Mike Kolb

I have tried and used many different makes and types of mice before finding the Evoluent. I find that it is a thoughtfully designed product. It has kept me free of carpel tunnel and does not stress my hand in any way.Dick Curran

Dick Curran

I purchased your mouse and I am very excited! This product is really amazing! I have a serious problem in my hands due to the continous use of mouse and your product is really the “soothing” factor in my office!Constantine Karamanis

Constantine Karamanis

I am a firm believer in the product and was amazed at how quickly my wrist recovered once I started using the vertical mouse and how quickly I relapsed on switching back to the old mouse.Kayvan Sadeghi

Kayvan Sadeghi

I really like my Verticalmouse. It has made life a little more comfortable. I have given the VerticalMouse 3 info to the Dept. of Orthopedics and Occupational Therapy at the University of Kentucky where I had my hand surgery.Don Mills

Don Mills

Just writing to say I’ve had your Vertical Mouse 2 for several months and absolutely love it. It feels great and my hand feels so much better after a day of work.Colton Hoerner

Colton Hoerner

I have found this mouse to be amazing. I no longer get aches in my wrist and find it extremely comfortable. I have recommended it to a number of people.Kelly Parent

Kelly Parent

I love the mouse. This is the second one I have purchases. I am a visual effects artist in Hollywood, and I have turned on a lot of my coworkers to your mouse as well.Michael Meyers

Michael Meyers

I have been using the vertical mouse for a long time and it has saved my wrist and elbow…and I have spread its knowledge all over Asheville, NC. It is a good product.Stephen McConnellArchitect

Stephen McConnell

I’d like to say thank you for making this mouse. It really has helped by allowing me to work without interruption due to any pain in my wrist.Antonio Carpio

Antonio Carpio

I have your VerticalMouse 3 (VM3R2-RSB), and have been using it with my iMac for several years. It has been a fantastic mouse!!! I have wrist problems, and it took care of that as soon as I got it.Sue Hamilton

Sue Hamilton

I bought a vertical mouse 2 from your online shop 6 months ago and I’m very happy with it: it works perfectly and my right arm it’s happy too.Gabriele Lenzi

Gabriele Lenzi

I love the Vertical Mouse. The pain and soreness in my shoulder and arm started to go away the minute I started using it.Steve Jay

Steve Jay

I’ve told everyone I know about the improvement to my wrist/elbow/arm since using this remarkable/logical mouse — hopefully, you’ll receive many orders from others, as a result.Carol Larimer

Carol Larimer

I must say I love using the VerticalMouse because of the comfort it provides to my hand. Since it has gone dead I dread using the regular mouse or touchpad!Nabil Kapasi

Nabil Kapasi

I suffer with RSI in my right thumb and wrist Just want to say I think the vertical mouse is great and helps to keep my hand in a more comfortable, natural position.Geoff Bennett

Geoff Bennett

prior to changing over to your mouse, my wrist strain was so acute that I could not hold a toothbrush at timesDavid Waters

David Waters

just telling you that the mouse is working perfectly and I had no more problems with my wrist since I use your product.Elena Hernandez

Elena Hernandez

I work with Gundersen Lutheran Hospital, we have purchased several of the verticle mice for our employees and we are very pleased with the result.Tammy Bottem

Tammy Bottem

Yes indeed over the last few years, using the vertical mice I own has helped reduce the pain I have experienced due to carpel tunnel syndrome.Edward Ruschmann

Edward Ruschmann

I absolutely *loved* my new mouse, the pain in my hand and wrist went away after one day of using it and I was very happy.Ann Barbier

Ann Barbier

I’ve been using your vertical mouse for years now since its inception and am still totally sold on it.Forrest Carter

Forrest Carter

I’m loving my vert-mouse. It took a little while to get used to, but now when I hold a normal mouse, it feels just plain weird!Damian Hickey

Damian Hickey

I would like to thank you for your wonderful product as my wrist discomfort has completely disappeared.Broderick Bohls

Broderick Bohls

I love the mouse you have developed and it has prevented me from having to have surgery!!Dave Rez

Dave Rez

By the way, I also love my Evoluent mouse, it has changed my life. 😉 Many thanksYvette Lucente

Yvette Lucente

We love our Evoluent Mice here at the office. They have cured many hand/wrist/forearm afflictions…Ann Douglas Jessen

Ann Douglas Jessen

Thank you for a wonderfull product! I have been using your vertical mouse for over 3 years now and it has been a great help to me.Niels Leikvang

Niels Leikvang

I’ve used your fantastic product for years, and it’s greatly reduced arm and wrist stress.Rich Pender

Rich Pender

It’s really helping the pain in my arm also – it’s a wonderful mouse! I’m telling everyone I know.Stacy Nystrom

Stacy Nystrom

I have used your mouse of about the last 3 or so years. It made the RSI in my arm disappear almost overnight!Malcolm Burrows

Malcolm Burrows

I love my Evoluent mouse. I would not go back to any other type of mouse after using this great product.Scott Hayes

Scott Hayes

I’m a loyal Evoluent vertical mouse user—the regular mouse should be banned!Mollie Martinek

Mollie Martinek

I currently use the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 at work, and it has done wonders for my RSI.Jon Purkis

Jon Purkis

I use a vertical mouse s/n 23800002, which has completely relieved wrist pain.Jim Cane

Jim Cane

I love the mouse… I have a little bit of problems with my wrist and this design has really made my work day a lot more comfortable.Jeffrey Monder

Jeffrey Monder

I love the mouse–after a day or so of getting used to it, my wrist just feels so much more natural while using the computer!Roger Scheen

Roger Scheen

I love this so much I want one for work and home. I’m spreading the word.Michael Guthrie

Michael Guthrie

I have no carpel tunnel symptoms anymore.Shirl Passman

Shirl Passman

helped the pain I was experiencing using a more traditional mouseKurtis Clements

Kurtis Clements

The mouse has really helped relieve the stress on my wrist and hand.Judy Russell

Judy Russell

I suffer from severe RSI and have found the Vertical Mouse to be a big help. Thanks so much for this product!Richard Goldstein

Richard Goldstein

Still pain free after over a years use, 8 hours each and every day. Should be the industry standard.Wayne Handspiker

Wayne Handspiker

I love my Evoluent mouse. I would not go back to any other type of mouse after using this great product.Scott


I was having some serious tendonitis problems and after a few weeks using the vertical mouse, the problem disappeared.John Wilson

John Wilson

as an RSI sufferer – I found it far better to use and put less strain in use on the wrist.” “THE best mouse I have ever usedKevin Tole

Kevin Tole

I will continue to spew the benefits of my vertical mouse to all those who will listen — I really do think that your product is an elegant solution.John Culshaw

John Culshaw

THANKS SO MUCH for your prompt assistance and a product that has saved my and my coworkers’ wrists from extinction.Nika Hildebrandt

Nika Hildebrandt

Our company has purchased around 20 of your vertical mice and find them very comfortable.Amy Clapper

Amy Clapper

You’re mouse has relieved my wrist pain. It’s a great product.John Schmaelzle

John Schmaelzle

the mouse is really helping, the tension and pains in my wrist has definitely decreased!!Andre S.

Andre S.

I love my new Vertical Mouse 3……. I am a Physiotherapist / musician / composer and have RSI issues with my mouse hand.Michael Armitage

Michael Armitage

Just wanted to let you know how well your mouse works, the pain in my forefinger is completely gone!Debra McClain

Debra McClain

I can definitely say it’s better for my arm/wrist than a traditionally-oriented mouse.Nancy Sylbert

Nancy Sylbert

my hand never gets numb using this mouse.Aaron KurtzmanPh.D.

Aaron Kurtzman

I love it, it’s helping with my carpal tunnel syndrome a lot!Greg Merrick

Greg Merrick

it feels great and the pain subsides in my hand immediately.Graham Lean

Graham Lean

in just two days of using the Vertical Mouse, my right hand and forearm already feel better and more relaxed.Gary Soucie

Gary Soucie

I can definitely state that this is the most intelligently designed and comfortable mouse on the market today.Michael Pollack

Michael Pollack

Yours is definitely the way any mouse should be designed by default.” “Your mouse is to a horizontal mouse what an Apple computer is to a ‘wintel’ PC.Gordon Pogue

Gordon Pogue

The VerticalMouse is much easier on the hand and wrist than the traditional mouse I was using. Thanks for a great product!Marci Sherman

Marci Sherman

I just bought the VeritcalMouse 2 and I can’t tell you how comfortable it is!! I love it!Scott Rose

Scott Rose

What a fantastic mouse. It is superior to any mouse I’ve used in every way.Rich Hodak

Rich Hodak

I do really like the mouse and it seems like a great design. My wrist is happy now.Greta Gramig

Greta Gramig

We’re very pleased with the product…the aches and pains have disappeared!Lynda


My carpal tunnel thanks you for inventing this wonderful mouse.Lou Pierce

Lou Pierce

I wanted to let you know how much I like the mouse.Elliot Tenenbaum

Elliot Tenenbaum

I love this mouse” “since I received my VerticalMouse at work many of my co-workers were impressed and also had one purchased for themselves.Bruce Peluso

Bruce Peluso

I really appreciate and enjoy the concept. My hand already feels better!Mark Pardee

Mark Pardee

Just to let you know that I’ve used the mouse now for two weeks and really like it – well done, great product!Cortland Honn

Cortland Honn

I love my Evoluent vertical mouse so much that I want to order one for my husband for his birthdayNancy Bass

Nancy Bass

I’ve been using your Vertical Mouse 2 for over a year and it has been the only thing that has relieved the RSS pain in my wrist, thank you.Carl McKissack

Carl McKissack

I’ve been using this mouse for about 6 months now and love the comfort and pain relief.Mike Billstein

Mike Billstein

I just started using your sideways mouse and feel that it is quite helpful for my wrist pain I was experiencing with a conventional mouse.David Marker

David Marker

It has reduced my wrist and arm pain to almost nothing. I can’t live without it.Deidre Simie

Deidre Simie

I love the vmouse2, it has helped my hand and wrist immensely.Steve A

Steve A

Have had an EVM for a couple of years and love itMichael Daniels

Michael Daniels

It’s a great idea which I’ve been trying to find for years.Forrest Carter

Forrest Carter

Your product has made al the difference in my arm pain.Jan Newman

Jan Newman

I love the evoluent, my wrist pain is gone.Toua Vang

Toua Vang

Thank you! My wrist is in heaven!Katherine Nicely

Katherine Nicely

I absolutely LOVE your mouse!! Great job!!Ann GabrielMedical and Technology Writer & Editor

Ann Gabriel


Cavan Candito

the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used.Jeff Bowden

Jeff Bowden

This mouse saved my hands!Shah Makujina

Shah Makujina

I really find it very comfortable.Jeff Grimes

Jeff Grimes

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Mitch Moss

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Dan Barnes

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Matthew Barrett

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David Martin

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Ken Molay

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John McGlynn

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Jim Wood

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Jonathan Keljo

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Damon Bourne

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Heather Darnell

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christopher cowan

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